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Searching for the perfect food affair for your special occasions? Look no further!

We are an integrated catering service provider providing a host of outdoor catering services for all functions such as weddings, corporate catering, gala party orders, or any festive occasion.

With devoted professional and fully integrated expert chefs specializing in cooking vegetarian cuisines, our excellence & perfection in the art of food makes us one of the profound providers of catering services for special occasions. In addition to a range of cuisines, we maintain hygiene as a top priority.

From an array of purely vegetarian food items to choose from, we help you design catering that suits your event, taste and budget. With our highly trained staff, we promise to ensure that your event is a smashing success. Leave your worries to us and give your guests a food experience they are sure to remember for the days to come!

Sri Annapurna outdoor catering  in Varanasi
Sri Annapurna food truck

Sri Annapurna gunpowder

Food trucks historically have been associated with quick and easy-to-prepare foods that can be found in busy urban centers. As menus have expanded and the popularity of such trucks has grown, it has become a common sight to find food trucks in more locations.

Named after South India’s ‘spice hero’, Gunpowder Co. is an extended venture of Sri Annapurna and is the first-ever food truck in Varanasi. We started this journey of serving South Indian delicacies with a twist, that too on a food truck in 2019. From Schezwan Masala Dosa, Jini Dosa, Spring Roll Dosa, to Gunpowder Idli, Chaunki Idli to Cheese Burst Uttapam, we intend to experiment with our items, yet retaining their authentic taste.

Bring the party at your doorstep, as we are ready to woo your guests with our delectable South Indian cuisine. Adhering to all necessary safety and hygiene protocols, we ensure that neither your taste buds nor your health is compromised.

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